навантаження вагонів в порту Курик

The vast majority of countries around the world have declared quarantine and imposed restrictions that have a negative impact on domestic and furthermore on international cargo transportation. This necessarily organized economic collapse is related to the coronavirus pandemic and caused by the governments’ efforts to localize its spread and minimize the number of fatal consequences.

The current situation has not only significantly limited the opportunities for economic cooperation, but also made adjustments to traditional transport and logistics solutions for international cargo transportation. It is at this time that the qualities of modern leaders, who are able to quickly make non-standard decisions, are manifested. Such an example was demonstrated by Serik Akhmetov, General Director of the modern seaport Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and Begench Mamedov, Chairman of the Board of the leading transport and logistics company of Turkmenistan Turkmen Milli Logistik.

Due to the quarantine measures, significantly restricted possibilities of moving goods between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have led to huge queues of trucks locked at the border. The difficult situation required decisive, non-standard solutions.

Given the fact that the Kazakh port of Kuryk and the transport and logistics company Turkmen Milli Logistics are partners in the project initiated by the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum on establishing an international corridor for effective cooperation, the process of initial communication to find a solution to this extraordinary situation took place in the triangle Turkmenistan-Ukraine-Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that both Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are among the legislators in the issues of effective development of international transport routes. In particular, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during his report last year at the first Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenbashi stressed the importance of developing international cooperation aimed at implementing plans on establishing international transport corridors to the Baltic Sea shores.
Solving this difficult task, the General Director of the port of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) Serik Akhmetov and the Chairman of the Board of the transport and logistics company of Turkmenistan Turkmen Milli Logistik Begench Mamedov not only demonstrated the best qualities of a modern leader capable of making non-standard decisions to achieve the set goal, but also created a new page of partnership in the Caspian Sea. These open perspectives are related to new approaches and opportunities in transport and logistics cooperation using the potential of the modern ports of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan), both of which are located on the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problem, a decision was made to attract, , not only the possibilities of the port, but also those of rail transport (pictured: loading of wagons carried out in the port of Kuryk now). Due to this partnership work, the cargo will be delivered shortly to consignees in Turkmenistan. Regarding the initiative itself, new approaches to cooperation and new partnership solutions in the Caspian Sea, the gained positive experience is worth attention and imitation in implementing partnership models of cargo movement in both the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.