Maritime academies of Szczecin and Kherson are partners!


The international partner network of maritime academies and universities continues to expand, as one of the important segments of the project on establishing an international corridor of effective cooperation, initiated on the sites of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum.

During the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum on September 25, 2020, former Minister of Economy of Poland, President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Jacek Piechota, during his speech, informed the forum participants about the interest and readiness of Maritime University of Szczecin to partnership and cooperation with Kherson State Maritime Academy. Previously Mr. Jacek discussed the prospects and timeliness of such a partnership with the Rector of Maritime University of Szczecin, Mr. Wojciech Ślączka.

It should be noted that with the signing of the partnership agreement between the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, the opportunities for intensifying effective cooperation between enterprises, organizations and institutions of Poland and Ukraine have been significantly improved.

Already on September 29, for out part, an agreement on partnership and cooperation between the maritime academies of Szczecin and Kherson was signed by the rector of  Kherson State Maritime Academy, Vasyl Cherniavskyi (pictured).

Today we can state that having carried out the necessary legal actions in Poland, on the part of Maritime University of Szczecin, the marine alma mater of Kherson and Szczecin have officially become partners. This partnership and cooperation between the leading maritime academies of Ukraine and Poland, such as Kherson State Maritime Academy and Maritime University of Szczecin, not only opens another page in the development of cooperation in higher education field between Poland and Ukraine, but also opens new opportunities for joint development of educational programs. experience exchange in science and education, new opportunities for cadets studying in Kherson and Szczecin.