Uzbekistan - demonstrating an example of effective implementation of reforms and democratic transformations


The effective development of the country, positive assessments of its leaders’ activities, investment attractiveness as also attractiveness for the implementation of joint international projects in various fields can be assessed by various indicators and factors, including indirect ones. And it's not just "the language of dry statistics." Even the solemn reception of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Mr. Alisher Kurmanov on September 9, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, can be considered an indirect litmus test of significant attention to the development of this Central Asian country and positive assessment of actions of its President, the Government and the diplomatic corps (including the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine). It is not the fact of high level of preparation and quality of the solemn event that is indicative, but the number and representation of guests who considered it necessary to congratulate friends and partners from Uzbekistan on the anniversary of the Independence Day of their progressing country. Among those present were Ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions of Ukraine, Asia and the European Union, heads of state enterprises and institutions of Ukraine, leading businessmen and well-known public figures, People's Deputies of Ukraine, journalists and culture workers.

Such attention is not accidental. If we turn to the "language of numbers", Uzbekistan shows impressive results in the first half of this year:

  • GDP growth - 6.2%;
  • Growth of the index of physical volume of industrial production - 8.5%;
  • Real growth rates of total income of the population - 10.8%;
  • The number of operating enterprises and organizations in the current year - 515,342 (this figure was 433,868 last year).

Uzbekistan is one of the benchmarks of effective, sustainable development and a reliable international partner not only in Central and South Asia, but also for other countries, in particular, those of Europe, where Ukraine is no exception.

As Volodymyr Makukha, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, said after a working meeting held on September 10 with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine Mr. Alisher Kurmanov (pictured left):

"Uzbekistan is not only a reliable partner and one of the important drivers of effective implementation of international projects initiated at the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, with geography from the shores of the Baltic Sea to Central and South Asia, but also an example in many ways. The impressive success of the implementation of reforms in various fields is primarily due to the determined action of President Shavkat Merziyoyev and the coordinated work of all legislative and executive bodies of Uzbekistan. This is what ensures compliance with the shortest possible deadlines to implement the reforming processes. 

The created attractive investment climate, openness and transparency which, together with the introduction of democratic principles of development, are identified as one of the basic priorities for the active construction of "New Uzbekistan", have become a factor of attraction and additional locomotive for the development of all Asian countries. We are witnessing how the sown seeds of the necessary socio-economic transformations are sprouting strong shoots of trust and flourishing with confident development. The regular elections of the President of Uzbekistan, scheduled for October 24 this year, are a kind of test of ability to move confidently on the path of democracy development, sustainable effective reform and prioritization of the principles of openness, transparency and equality of rights. This is the “exam”, which, almost two months before the voting date, demonstrates the intentions of the incumbent President of Uzbekistan and his associates, to pass it with excellence. A new election code has been adopted, which provides for the possibility of holding the presidency no more than twice in a row, openness of the election process, registration of presidential candidates from all five registered parties, open media opportunities for all candidates to criticize and express their vision of Uzbekistan's future, invitation of a significant number of media representatives and observers from around the world (including journalists from Ukraine, who are even given the opportunity to choose the locality in Uzbekistan from where they want to observe the presidential election) to observe the election campaign and voting procedure. This once again demonstrates that the priority for the incumbent President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Merziyoyev is the future of Uzbekistan as a modern, effectively developing country, which is confidently moving towards sustainability and all citizens of which have equal rights and opportunities. And this, in turn, is a significant impetus for international counterparts to develop their cooperation and initiate new joint projects with partners from Uzbekistan".