Rector of Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport Serhii Panchenko will be one of the participants in the discussions at the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum

Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport is the legal successor of  Kharkiv Operational and Traction Institute of Railway Engineers, which began its work in October 1930. Over the years of its existence, the educational institution has changed its name several times: HIIT, HarDAZT, UkrDAZT. In April 2015, it acquired the status of a university.

During its almost 90-year history, the university educated more than 95,000 specialists for railway transport, transport construction and other sectors of the economy. Among the graduates of the university there are ministers, deputy ministers, heads of Ukrzaliznytsia, chiefs of railways and large enterprises, statesmen; six students of the university were awarded the title of Heroes of the USSR and Ukraine.

Over 180 Doctors of Science are graduates of the university.

Today, the university provides training at three educational levels: Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Philosophy. At the first educational level, the education is conducted in 22 specialties and 56 educational programs; at the second educational level – ­in 17 specialties and 33 educational programs, at the third educational level – in 8 specialties.

The educational process at the university is implemented by the qualified  academic and teaching staff, which is 458 full-time teachers, including 66 Doctors of Science and Professors, 290 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors; more than 70 employees have the title of Honorary Railroad Worker.

There work two laureates of the State Prizes of Ukraine, three Honored Workers of Transport and Construction of Ukraine, 36 active members and 12 corresponding members of the Transport Academy of Sciences, as well as 12 active members and 2 corresponding members of other academies of Ukraine.

The university has four specialized councils, which accept dissertations for defense in 9 specialties.

The university is the founder of 4 scientific publications, which are included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine. The results of the university staff’s scientific work in 2019 were reflected in 681 scientific articles.

The research work in UkrDUZT in the field of technical and social sciences is performed at 18 branch research laboratories, the Center for Diagnostics of Transport Facilities and 35 departments.

Currently, three research laboratories have passed the state certification and received certificates of compliance of the measurement system with the requirements of DSTU 10012:2005.

The university has solid facilities and resources meeting all the requirements to ensure the quality and up-to-date educational process.

The university maintains successful international cooperation with 24 partner universities in Europe and Asia. Together with the National School of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) (Paris), it trains Masters in the specialization "Infrastructure and Operation of High-Speed Networks". Since 2015, more than 250 Masters have been trained under this program. In the framework of the double diploma program with Poznan Technological University "Poznan Polytechnic", 4 Masters were trained. During the implementation of the project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland "Polish Aid", the university obtained a simulator for training specialists in high-speed train operation.

As part of the Erasmus+ academic mobility program, exchanges of teachers and students were organized between the university and its partners from France, Poland and Latvia.

The University trains highly qualified professionals from among foreign citizens at the first (Bachelor's) and the second (Master's) higher education level  for the infrastructure of railway transport and enterprises of other countries. Foreign citizens from 11 countries study at the university.

The students of the university take an active part in international, national and regional exhibitions, competitions, conferences, Olympiads, including those in Germany, China, Bulgaria and Poland.

The system of professional and practical training of students is developed and implemented in the educational process of the university. The university is actively involved in the experiment on introducing dual learning.

Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of the University Staff annually conducts advanced training of more than 1,200 people from the structural subdivisions of the regional branches of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia as well as from  enterprises of transport and road industry. The Training and Research Center for Specialized Training of Employees of Dangerous Goods Transportations trains more than 1,000 people annually.

As noted by Rector of Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Serhii Panchenko:

“We are grateful to the organizers of the Forum for inviting our university to participate in this important event. During the forum we plan, in particular, to discuss the following issues:

  • expanding the program on interaction between educational institutions of the transport sector within the framework of mobility programs for teachers and applicants of higher education with the involvement of professionals in the educational process;
  • development and implementation of virtual models of academic mobility;
  • improving the training of transport professionals in double degree programs; in the field of transport logistics, etc.;use of the scientific potential of higher education institutions of the transport sector for international programs related to the development of the railroad component of the railway network of the Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian region;
  • training and advanced training of specialists on the implementation of international transport corridors for both sea and railway transport, logistics-related issues, etc.".