The need for consolidation and concerted action to rebuild economies and overcome the pandemic effects. View from Poland


Dariusz Pawliszczy will be one of the discussions participants at the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum.

Dariusz Pawliszczy – he has been the mayor of Gromadka for 18 years (a settlement with about 5,000 inhabitants, located in southwestern Poland in the Boleslawiec County of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship), a doctor of economics, a periodical lector at universities in Poland and Ukraine. He has publications in various scientific fields of economics, such as management and formation of the investment environment, resource efficiency, environmental management, current accounting issues, etc. He is often invited and takes an active part in international scientific and practical conferences both in Poland and abroad. He is a recognized international specialist in the field of public administration and economics. In June 2020 he became an academician of the Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine.

The current situation in the world, which is related to the coronavirus pandemic, the existing negative consequences for both the world economy and the economies of certain countries, requires even more attention to the factors identified a few years ago by Dariusz Pawliszczy in his scientific articles. There are factors that affect the dynamics of modern civilization, the emergence of which is due to the complications of global social relations.

Two years ago he said that the basic factors should be the following: globalization, scientific and technological progress, virtualization and dematerialization of business resources, the emergence of new forms of combining business and government. It was noted that it is impossible to unambiguously determine the nature of the above factors influence, as they can be both positive, neutral and negative. In the current situation, when the world faced the global challenge of a pandemic, which already has a significant impact on the functioning of both the world economy and national ones, we need to rethink the previously identified major development trends, their relevance in new living conditions of the world.

Emphasizing the importance of meeting representatives of government, science and business from different countries of Europe and Asia at the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, which this year will be hosted by Ukraine (Kherson), paying special attention to the need for substantive dialogue and scientific approach to identify new formats of international cooperation both in the field of science and higher education, which should become one of the foundations for substantiating the strategies of local and international sustainable development, and in international partnership, for economic security, Dariusz Pawliszczy said the following: "Economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are devastating for many countries. Coordinated decisions and joint action, both at the level of government, communities and business inside the country, and at the international level, are needed to return life to normal and return the functioning of economies to the state of the "Swiss clock". Both science and education have received new challenges, where international partnerships between scientific institutions and cooperation at the level of higher education ones are reaching a new level of importance. Coordination of joint educational programs, their actualization in the new realities of the world with reference to the actual needs in certain specialists, who has the appropriate level of knowledge and skills, are very important and relevant for discussion during the forum.".