03.02.2022 09:07

The support of partner seaports from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea confirms new prospects for the development of Kherson State Maritime Academy

Kherson State Maritime Academy is rightly considered one of the best maritime educational institutions in Europe and has a significant image far beyond its borders. Highly qualified teaching staff, one of the most state-of-the-art material and technical facilities to ensure quality training of professionals from many countries, modern simulators and progressive administration of the academy has made Kherson State Maritime Academy one of the flagships of effective international cooperation. New challenges and initiatives of international partners, who are interested in training and advanced training of professionals at KSMA, have become sort of a catalyst for the initiative on obtaining the right of Kherson Maritime Alma Mater to open training in a new specialty: "Port and Transport Management". Reaffirming their interest and supporting this decision on obtaining the right of Kherson State Maritime Academy to conduct training in "Port and Transport Management", defining it as an important step in development, which is topical nowadays, heads of Ukrainian seaports as well as the seaports of Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Gdynia (Poland) of the Baltic Sea, the modern seaport CeyportTekirdag (Turkey) of the Black Sea and the modern seaport Kuryk (Kazakhstan) of the Caspian Sea have sent their official letters of support to the Academy. Thus, the international team of partner ports has not only confirmed its partnership support for KSMA, indirectly noting the initiative ...

22.01.2022 14:35
Opening new opportunities for Ukrainian farmers

Following the results of the working meeting at the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine A working meeting was held at the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on Friday (January 21) with the participation of First Deputy Minister Taras Vysotskyi (pictured in the center), State Secretary of the Ministry Viktor Kantsurak (first on the left), Chairman of the Baltic-Black Sea ...

08.12.2021 05:26

Working discussions of the issues to be considered on the forum sites were held. The final part of the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, which is planned to be held in the first half of spring next year in Kherson, will at the same time launch preparations for the next VIII Forum in Klaipeda, Lithuania. To coordinate joint organizational actions, Vidas Andrikis, Vice Minister of Environment ...

04.12.2021 20:15
Following the working meeting of partners from Kazakhstan and Georgia in Tbilisi

Today (on December 4) Tbilisi has hosted a working meeting between Giorgi Mchedlishvili (pictured in the center), the General Director of Georgia's leading transport and logistics company TransFor Group and Alibek Utegenov (pictured far right), the Director of Marketing and Logistics of the modern Kazakh port of Kuryk. There were discussed current issues related to defining additional joint ...

01.12.2021 10:08

Today (December 1, 2021) a working session was held with the participation of Chairman of the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum Volodymyr Makukha, Rector of Kherson State Maritime Academy Vasyl Cherniavskyi, Director of the Science Park of KSMA “Maritime Industry Innovations” Alena Leshchenko, General Director of SMG Dmytro Krasnikov and Manager of Turkmenistan-Ukraine projects ...

30.11.2021 17:00
View from Ukraine: Uzbekistan, chairing ECO, proposes concrete plans for sustainable development

Reprinted from the official information site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. KYIV, November 30 / NA "Dune" /. Chairman of the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum Volodymyr Makukha commented for Dune news agency on the results of the next summit of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and the participation of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of Uzbekistan: Although ...

16.11.2021 19:35
New directions and prospects for cooperation. Following the working meeting in the Polish city of Gdynia

Poland-Ukraine Project Manager of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum Dariusz Kijanka (pictured far left) with the leaders of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster: - Alfred Naskręt - President of the Cluster, Director of Szkoła Morska Sp. z o.o. (in the photo the second on the right); - Marek Grzybowski –Vice President of the Cluster, Doctor of Science, Professor of Gdynia Maritime University ...

11.11.2021 13:11
Kherson school celebrated the Independence Day of Poland together with partners from the city of Gdynia

This morning at the Kherson gymnasium №16 began with the solemn performance of the Polish national anthem by the students of the gymnasium. Thus a series of events dedicated to the celebration of the 103rd anniversary of the restoration of Polish independence began. Less than a year has passed since Kherson Gymnasium №16 and School №26 named after the Home Army of the Polish city of Gdynia officially ...

02.11.2021 14:26
Volodymyr Makukha was elected Chairman of the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum

Volodymyr Makukha was elected Chairman of the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum by the General Meeting of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum. This decision supported the decision taken by the Board of the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum on October 4, 2021. 

06.10.2021 16:35
By joining the UN Agreement on Dry Ports, Uzbekistan consolidates its status of one of the leaders in the development of the transport and logistics industry in the region

The information received from Uzbekistan by the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, according to which the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Merziyoyev signed the Resolution on accession to the Intergovernmental Agreement on Dry Ports of the UN Economic and Social Commission for the countries of Asia and the Pacific Ocean in Uzbekistan, is an indication of inclusion of Uzbekistan into a powerful group of ...