An agreement on cooperation at the Caspian Sea was signed in Ukraine


It can be considered historic, an event that took place during the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, which this year was hosted by Ukraine (September 25, 2020 in Kherson).

During the forum, a cooperation agreement was signed at the Caspian Sea between the modern seaport of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and one of the leaders in the transport and logistics industry of Turkmenistan, Turkmen Milli Logistik.

On the one hand, the fact that the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum served as a communication platform during the negotiations between the representatives of the Caspian Sea region from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, namely the signing of the agreement took place on the territory of Ukraine, it is already a positive signal of Caspian - Black Sea - Baltic cooperation and open opportunities for Ukraine.

On the other hand, this fact testifies not only to the foresight of the General Director of the Port of Kuryk Serik Akhmetov (pictured right) and the General Director of Turkmen Milli Logistik Begench Mamedov, but also demonstrates the systematic and progressive policy of international partnership in transport and logistics areas of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, which is effectively implemented by these leaders.

By signing the agreement on cooperation at the Caspian Sea, which was carried out on the territory of Ukraine, Serik Akhmetov and Begench Mamedov sent an additional message to all present that Kazakhstan and the port of Kuryk and Turkmenistan with its modern transport and logistics capabilities and developed infrastructure are close and reliable partners for market participants from the Black Sea and Baltic sea regions.

In addition, Turkmen Milli Logistik CEO Begench Mamedov demonstrated the effectiveness of implementation of the task set by the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, who emphasized in his report last year at the first Caspian Economic Forum, that took place in Turkmenbashi, on the need to develop cooperation and establish a transport corridor to the shores of the Baltic Sea.