Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is flagship in technology and marine research


One of the speakers at the VII Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum will be Heikki Koivisto, the project manager of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, authorized representative of the International Association of Maritime Universities

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Ltd. (SAMK) has been conducting Maritime training since 1880. The Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology in SAMK is nationally and internationally well recognized in technology and maritime studies and related research (; SAMK is an active and trustful partner in consortia consisting of both educational and industrial institutions, SMEs and public authority partners from in Europe, Africa and China.

Recent example is launch of project results on EfficientFlow – project “Efficient flow of goods and passengers between Finland and Sweden”. Usually different port actors have called between each other with a phone, f.e. seven persons from different organization just on one port call. EfficientFlow has studied and implemented a digitalization a mobile phone application for Port of Rauma. The mobile app was officially launched in August 2020. Seventy users are currently sharing and getting real-time timetables for port calls. Users are representing many aspects of the port call: terminals, tugs, pilots, agents, port authority, mooring personnel, captains and even the local shipbuilding company. This new app saves time, gathers all needed information into one place and also contribute to less environmental impact with better customized and planned arrivals and departures of ships in the port.

Emphasizing the importance of the expected discussions at the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, Heikki Koivisto said: “The experience of cooperation between maritime universities of different countries once again demonstrates the importance of dialogues, exchange of experience between not only higher education institutions but also the relevant sectors of the economy".